Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Review::Rama Rama Krishna Krishna

Hi Guys.. Harsha is back.

Waiting...Waiting...Waiting for may 12. Everybody know the reason. Yes it is RRKK release.


Waiting 2 see Priya name on screen..Movie started! Fingers crossed!

About movie:

RRKK is a clean family entertainer and also it is mixed up with mass elements.

About Ram:

Everybody surprised with the background voice of NTR Jr(Just for the introduction of Ram Character.)

Ram is a village guy named Rama krishna,who is hyper active. He entertains us with characters of both Rama and Krishna. In one line i can say that director Srivass portrayed his character very well. Ram is very apt for the Rama krishna character.And everyone knows how he will dance and priya added to the party.

About Priya:

ya ya ya..Waiting to write about Priya. Believe me guys it is really a treat to watch Priya on 70mm screen!

Unfortunately Priya didnt get chance in her first movie to show her acting skills. But in RRKK it is Priya time. She is lucky to play dual shades in one movie. Initially she used to scold ram for his naughty behaviour. Ex: cricket scene.

Otherside we can see Priya as a perfect telugu village(langa oni) girl.Very very cute than in jeans.

Priya and other girl are the sisters of Action king ARJUN.

In one line she balanced her character very nicely.. :)

Forgot to mention Priya is the main heroine in the movie.Bindu madhavi character didn't have any importance.

I like one scene in the movie..Where Ram praises Priya for her behaviour regarding how she handled her sisters problem..In that Priya expression is just superb!(Gunde pindesav ;) )Well done priya!

Other important roles: Arjun,Najar,Brahmanandam etc.

Priya ur lucky to share the screen with senior actors!!


Everybody knows that how is RRKK music!Yes it is keeravani garu 200 film!

It is treat to watch songs(Priya) on screen. Especially village locations around Rajahmundry are awesome.

Oola oola song is abt teasing priya by ram..Nice to watch it (sorry priya).

Sorry guys i am not going to write anymore regarding story line of the movie.

In the end, After a long time tollywood got a clean family entertainer..Yes it is Rama rama krishna krishna. Just go and watch with ur family.And it is worth watching cool movie in this hot summer.

Plz watch it in theaters!

I am really excited to write this!


I am sure that you are having a bright future in tollywood.

Thanks for your patience.


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