Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 100th post:: Thanks Priya

Hi friends

Today i am really happy to see my posts number crossing 100.I want to thank all my visitors,Readers and friends who have helped me.

I had started this blog in November 2009.On starting day i dont know that i am going to chat with Priya and getting messages from her.It is really a big surprise for me to interact with Priya.

I am sure that today no heorine does it!! i.e our Priya.

You dont believe that even she is mentioning my name in her interviews-see how lucky i'am ;)

i want to thank Priya for her support.I wish it will also continue in future.

At the time of starting of this blog,Priya first movie Leader is not released.Now she completed four films.

Really happy to say that she is enjoying the success of Rama Rama Krishna Krishna.

Priya..Wishing you All the best for future.

Thank you


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