Thursday, July 15, 2010

‘180’ with the latest RED Cameras: Director Jayender

‘180’ director P.Jayender, who’s getting together handsome hero Siddarth and Priya Anand along with another heroine Nithya Menon.

Though starting as an ad maker, his first passion remains films, reveals the director. P.Jayender worked for two years to make the script of ‘180’. Movie has high entertainment values and is made of a strong story base and even stronger screenplay.

'180' is going shoot with latest RED cameras with highly effective sensors for the best product on screen. Apparently these cameras are being used for the first time in Indian cinema.

Coming to the shooting schedules, first schedule will start on 15th July and work continuously after that the film’s unit will travel to USA for a brief period.

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Priya Anand in US right now - 180 shooting US schedule is coming to an end - 180 is slotted for Summer Release - Follow @PriyaWajAnand and @PriyaAnandInfo on twitter for more updates

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