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Priya Anand Exclusive Interview by Idlebrain

Priya Anand is probably one of the very few successful actresses in Telugu film industry who can dub her voice. Priya Anand played one of the female leads of recent success Leader. Her next movie is RamaRama KrishnaKrishna. Priya is also known for her frank attitude. When asked about her favourite actor, she replied it as ‘Brahmanandam’ (most of the heroines quote the heroes they work with or wanted to work with). caught up with the latest Telugu girl on block for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts -

My father is a Tamilian and my mother is half Telugu and half Marathi. I am brought up in Chennai and Hyderabad. We moved to USA around 10 years back. I completed my Major in Communications (minor in business, journalism and African studies) at University of Albany. I am fascinated with movies since childhood. I headed TV station in my college.

I came to India around one and half years back and stayed in my grandparents place in Chennai. I wanted to get into technical aspects of filmmaking and I wanted to work as assistant director to Shankar. Meanwhile, I got into modelling in Chennai. I did few commercials like Natural Maha Lacto (with Mahinder Singh Dhoni), Prince Jewellery Diamond Collection (Bharati Raja voice over), Cadbury Diary Milk (Diwali special) etc.

Sekhar Kammula’s assistant director found me on facebook and invited me for an audition. I got selected for Leader. Dil Raju saw the rushes of Leader selected as female lead of RamaRama KrishnaKrishna.

Tell us about your experience of working for Leader?
Leader is closest to my heart. Entire cast and crewmembers are good at heart. All of them are very close to me. The entire team of Sekhar Kammula share the same work ethic.

How is the response of Leader?
The response has been overwhelming. There is little scope for female characters in a political drama like Leader. I saw the movie in a public theatre at Rajahmundry. Both of the girls (Me and Richa) got good appreciation. My facebook and twitter accounts are flooded with mails of greetings. I also dubbed my own voice to my character and people loved it.

You have three Indian languages flowing in your blood. How many languages are you familiar with?
Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Spanish and English. I have the knack of picking up language easily.

What is your favourite Telugu movie?
Kshankshanam and Agni Nakshatram (Tamil)

Who are your favourite actors?
Brahmanandam and Sridevi.

What are your future plans?
It’s fate that brought me to film industry. I feel blessed to make my debut with a Sekhar Kammula movie in AVM banner. It was all unplanned and wonderful. I want to work with respected people in film industry and play amazing characters.

Tell us about your second movie RamaRama KrishnaKrishna?

I am basically a hyper-active girl and I am doing a hyper-active girl in RRKK. It is completely opposite to what you saw in Leader. Ram is known for his energetic performance. My character name is Priya and I play sister to Arjun. It is my first commercial film (Leader movie had entirely different set-up) and Ram helped me in getting acquainted with it.

What is the secret of your glamour?

I am a normal girl who doesn’t take any precautions. I look my best when I am happy. I am happy when I shoot.

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